The Pond

“The Pond” 60cm x 120cm (24” x 48”) on a cradled panel

Mixed media: acrylic paint, screen printing, resin

"The Pond" Tranquil and at peace is how I feel when I look into ponds. This painting was inspired by the pond in the Sydney Botanical Gardens. I have been visiting the gardens since I was a tiny girl with my parents. It has become a favorite place to visit with my children and now my grandchildren. The Pond evokes so many happy family memories. 

The surface of the painting has ripples and water droplets created by using resin to give the illusion of the reflective and moving surface of a pond. There are a few hints of fish in there too. There is a slightly 3D effect created by layers of resin in some areas.


This is a video of the making of "The Pond"