The 3 Sisters and the Banksias

60cm x 91cm (23.5" x 35.5")

Resin, acrylic paint on a cradled wood panel.

This painting was inspired by a rocky outcrop called the 3 Sisters. They can be seen at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains at a lookout at called Echo Point, Australia. I have sketched there a number of times and bushwalked there often. My husband and I spent our wedding night at Katoomba and walked to the 3 sisters the next day. 

When I was a child I identified with the 3 sisters as I am one of 3 sisters. I would look at them and wonder which one am I? I chose to paint the Banksias in front of the 3 sisters as they are sprinkled all over the Blue Mountains and can be seen along the track. The cones have little pods which contain the seeds of the banksia. These look like small mouths. May Gibbs, a famous Australian author/ illustrator made these cones into characters for her books which had a huge impact on me as I was growing up. I feel that they represent my sisters and me when we get together. There is always lots of chitter chatter. We all talk over the top of each other trying to get all our news out at once. The banksia cones are lively and animated as are our conversations!


This is a video of the making of "The 3 Sisters and the Banksias""