Oh Jacaranda!

1020mm x 90mm (48' x 35.5") on a cradled wood panel

Mixed media: Acrylic paint on Cradled wood panel. Acrylic paint, acrylic pours resin and glass balls.

This painting was inspired by my garden. In the early summer the Jacaranda tree drops all its purple flowers all over the front yard. Hanging over the garden is a huge magnolia tree with beautiful white fragrant flowers. On an old stump we have a bird bath which is visited all through the day by many birds. This is the Australian Magpie. She has been a resident in the front yard for the past few years. We have now moved from our home of 37 years. This painting is a homage to my beautiful garden which has given me many years of pleasure and inspiration for my work.


 Video of the making of "Oh Jacaranda!"